As promised, here are a few more pictures from today. I didn’t think Mr. Bearcy would enjoy wearing mickey ears, but he embraced it with enthusiasm. It took him a few minutes to adjust to being around so many people, and although he thoroughly had a wonderful time, he still prefers the quiet orderliness of William’s house. That didn’t stop him from trying with all his bear strength to pull the sword out of the stone. He suffered minor embarrassment when he failed, but we agreed it was only because his arms are so short. 

Mr. Bearcy thought one of the marble busts outside of The Haunted Mansion looked like William’s Aunt Catherine so I made him pose with it.  He did a show-stopping impression of her that no sort of descriptions on my part could do justice to. And of course we couldn’t possibly pass up The Country Bear Jamboree! However, Bearcy was decidedly not as thrilled when we exited as he was when we entered. Something about the other bears lacking tolerable style and general cleanliness. 

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